Visible Energy helps developers and companies to Internet enable their products. We have a combination of hardware reference designs, software libraries and the software cloud platform needed to connect smartphone and Web applications with products.

We provide engineering services to our customers and the tools for rapid prototyping a solution, including APIs, libraries, Web monitoring and management applications, smartphone application frameworks.

The StarMote is a small IoT for presence detection based on WiFi. The StarMote collects 802.11 MAC management headers as regularly sent by smartphones on the WiFi radio, and detects smartphones in the vicinity. Data are collected anonymously and in a passive way, without the need of the smartphone to be connected to the WiFi network. Presence data collected on the back-end provide analytics for use in energy management and business intelligence applications.
Nebula Sense
The Nebula Sense is a WiFi enabled sensors data acquisition and communication unit using "1-Wire" sensors and the Nebula cloud infrastructure for data collection and remote interaction and notifications with iPhone. Available sensors include temperature, humidity, moisture, water flooding, luminosity and they can be combined in any number.
UFO Power Center
A revolutionary four-outlet data connected power strip that helps you manage the energy use of home appliances, eliminate stand-by power, and save electricity. Use the UFO with iPhone and iPad apps and remotely with a browser and the Web Dashboard. Learn More
MyPresa smart outlet by Visible Energy, Inc.
MyPresa™ is a WiFi enabled smart outlet for the European market that monitor and control power consumption of home appliances. Developed for the European market with localized iPhone applications to monitor power and manage appliances remotely. Learn More
CloudFridge - Refrigeration 2.0 by Visible Energy, Inc.
CloudFridge provides hardware and software for a new way to operate a refrigeration system in a cloud computing environment. Instead of the factory pre-configured control loop, CloudFridge allows the use of sophisticated control software, big-data analytics and the power of cloud computing to remotely operate a refrigeration system, optimize for energy consumption and push efficiency to new limits. Learn More
Monostrip-T by Visible Energy, Inc.
The Monostrip-T is a WiFi device for controlling and monitoring electrical appliances and the environment. Developed for use in light commercial spaces and used with cloud-based management tools for data collection, user interfaces and device control. Learn More
Stardust and Cometa by Visible Energy, Inc.
Cometa is the software back-end that every connected products and IOT devices needs to insure reliable two-way communication with the Internet. We have made our back-end available as a hosted API to simplify the development of connected products, obviating its associated challenges. Cometa is a scalable server that assures secure, real-time interactions between applications and connected devices.
Stardust is a WiFi and CPU hardware module to power next generation of connected products, based on the Broadcom WICED chipset. Along with the Cometa embedded software libraries, it provides an inexpensive tool for development and fast prototyping of WiFi connected products. Learn More